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..... It was a Tuesday night and the call to Mandy Mike and told him she was expecting a problem with the car as I said it was flooded, but she begged and pleaded and agreed to take all at 9 the next morning....... Mandy got off the phone with a big smile on your face...... I asked him what he said.... Yes, he can fit me, but I owe him big time! !... What did you say again..... Mandy was a lttle red and said he had spoken to him.... What would you like to which he replied...... It would be good in stockings and suspenders... I said what you said....... said... she laughed and said he would not find anything... and said that open at 9 am. Clock was 08th in the morning Wed 30 had taken both the day. I took a cup of tea into his face, with mounting medium. She looked good, so sexy... See through nylon in black bra and panties and black stockings with huge color below the knee boots with high heels. He put a black coat and skirt set wunbuck lcut black blouse ow. With his character and color, which looked fantastic... Many left..... 2 and half hours later they returned. wunbuck bright red, but faced with a big smile. She gave me the voice recorder and wunbuck video camera and said she was going shopping and I'll call you when they took place. I have a drink and sat next to the video at first I was surprised by the quality as you wunbuck could see very well. It all started with Mandy put it carefully into his pocket and then I could see and hear, as she got out and yelled at Mike. (Mike worked from home and had a large garage with a transparent plastic roof corrugagted wunbuck on the side of your house. ) Answered Mike, but I could not see I could hear. Mike said he would open the doors and garage for the car they drive straight in. As in the garage, the ceiling light and artificial light, the camera is really clear vision, wunbuck just a little fuzzy in the distributed network. Mandy came out and threw a little leg, of course, as iMike says hell is a bit early for the laugh 'Mandy... and then entered twhat was wrong with the car, the thing was that I was lying, as it was played for the next 30 minutes drive.. Mike vain Mandy had her purse in a job Ench front of where she was sitting in an wunbuck old chair set, while talking to him, could come into picture and mike everynow and then disappear. But I realized that Mandy was significantly with crossed legs are very very sexy.... my chair, I sat watching this video of ions trembled with emotion, because Mike always has a nice view of the division of Mandy as it passes through wunbuck and everynow and then go to rock slide shows a bit of storage, boat and come again until there was a little above average in the program. talked harmless and at one point, if Mike had gone first, Mandy undo your top button and the camera went through the open and close attention to your legs. My cock was now fully 30 minutes. Mike later told everything done, Mandy was very grateful and asked what he owed. He said that five U. S. dollars.... A five-dollar bill.. Really... You're very kind. Mike said he knew, but a sucker for a pretty face. He said, ' But you still owe me, Mandy said, I always say, oh yes it was a bit of storage and suspenders, was not. Mike said the opportunity would be a good thing, but I live in hope. Mandy then went into a clear vision camera and said, Mike, if that is what you can do with her ​​on wunbuck your lap, you just fall to the ground be removed. Mandy looked absolutely outstanding when I saw Mike come in sight, said the same thoughts. Mandy then told the chair that are immediately made ​​, Mandy then advance to unbutton her blouse, she stood in wunbuck front of the camera and Mike had to face. He took off his shirt and turned to the camera, moving the tush with Mike, who went to him and said he'll be fine. With that said no, I think a little more would bemuch better....... I've always said you were a honry bitch..... He said dance for me and knocked the recorder.... as he sat down again, Mandy began to spin, to see, was simply great..... Then I saw Mike on his cell phone....... Said Tom discussed here and grab Ian... You will not believe what I have for you......
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